Michael Wahbi has been officiating since 2001 in the formally known OBHA. His officiating career began with the  YCBHL. (York Central Ball Hockey League) Michael officiated, there for  five seasons before moving on to the NWBHL (Northwest Ball Hockey League) – under the mentorship of the late Pat Traversa Michael progressed to officiate in over 15 provincial championships, an Ontario Summer games and a number of provincial qualifiers. 

Michael served as the inaugural Technical Director and Referee and Chief for the OBHF. This position lead to Michael accepting the role as the Referee-In-Chief for the CBHA. Leading the CBHA Technical Committee was an experience that lead to the overhaul of the CBHA rulebook. He was instrumental in bringing forward the rule for helmets for all officials across the country. 

Michael officiated at the 2013, ISBHF men’s and women’s world championship in St. John’s Newfoundland, the 2014 ISBHF Caribbean cup in the Cayman Islanss and the 2015 men’s and women’s world championship in Züg Switzerland, where Michael officiated the gold medal game between Slovakia and USA.

In 2020, Michael accepted the role as referee in chief for USA Ball Hockey. The USA Ball Hockey officiating program is now on the map as American officials are being certified, curriculum is being created and memvers are being push to international exposure. Michael is also the head referee for the biggest league in the United States – the NBHL. It is all the above noted experiences that led to excepting the position as the ISBHF – Referee In Chief for North America. Michael is thrilled!!!

“ It is such a honor, and I am humbled to serve at the ISBHF level however, I am very grateful for all the experiences that have led me to this position. I would like to think both the Canadian and US governing bodies for their implicit support. I look forward to the continued growth of this beautiful game.”