The OBHF, in partnership with long-time membership supplier – Create It Promotions, have teamed up as the provider of Officials’ Uniforms for our on-floor referees. 

We began our sales directive in 2023 by providing our officials with a cost effective starter package that included both a sublimated CBHA branded jersey and an ACME Thunderer whistle. Sales were strong and with the volume of orders, we surpassed the 50% mark of officials using one common jersey. That starter package remains available at a cost of $40.

Looking to increase the use of one version of the jersey, we are now offering the jersey by itself at a cost of $25.

Below is the Google Order form. Please follow the instructions when it comes to sizing and payment methods. In the form you will see pictures of what the jersey will look like, as well as how to properly measure for a proper fit.

Delivery of your order will generally arrive by means of meeting your local convenor or assignor at your local arena. In some instances, there may be a need to mail the jersey directly to you if a pick-up options is not available. There may be additional shipping costs associated with mailing your order – this will be communicated to you upon receiving your order. 

Orders will only be completed once Lino has confirmed receipt and processing of payment. Please be sure to include your payment so that we can do our best to have your jersey in your hands as early as we can manage.


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