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Update May 10, 2023


Dear OBHF 2023 Officials, 

The 2023 Regular Season Certification Clinic schedule is now closed.

It is now time to shift into the ‘Off-Season Clinic Registration’. The Google Form has been updated and the link to access it is at the bottom of this page. 

You will still be allowed to register. Once payment has been confirmed by Lino, I will email you the clinic materials. After you have successfully passed the exam with the minimum required 80%, I will inform your local league assignor that you have passed the exam and are receiving a special exemption on the in-person meeting up until the monthly meeting (Zoom call, phone call, personal meeting).

You must ‘attend’ the meeting, as it will be outlined to you, by the 15th of the following month. There may be some slight adjustments to that date depending how the calendar falls. If you are not able to attend the monthly meeting, your special exemption will expire, your league assignor will be informed, and you will no longer be allowed to officiate until you meet at the following month’s meeting.

Couple quick important points to know moving forward:

  • exam remains online
  • materials provided in a timely manner: slide shows and important links
  • ‘Learn at your own rate’ concept
  • repeat the exam as many times as needed to meet a minimum 80%.
  • attend an in-person session – can look various ways, will be determined by the composition of the group
  • an instructor will review and consolidate your learning
  • meetings will run approximately 45 min for Adult clinics, and approximately 1.5 hours for Minor clinics. 

There were some important changes that have been put in place since the clinic season began. They are as follows:

Clinic Fee Reductions – The new Adult fee is now $50, and the new Minor fee is $25

Family/Household Discount – Officials who are immediate family members, will be responsible for submitting one fee. If both officials are Minor referees, they will pay $25 collectively. If one official is seeking Adult certification, the Adult fee of $50 will be applied.

Finder’s Fee – Any official who recruits a new/formerly certified official, will receive a $25 discount on their fee whether it be an Adult or Minor registration. (Formerly Certified is defined as an official who was not certified during the 2022 season)

Official Start-Up Package – We are offering our officials, new and returning, a discounted price on an ACME Thunderer whistle and sublimated referee jersey at the OBHF’s cost. If you are in need of a new jersey, or wish to have an extra whistle on hand, the package is available to you. 

And finally, Shirt Only Sales – With the strength in orders for our OBHF Ref Jersey this year, we have surpassed 50% of registered officials with one common jersey. My goal is to keep increasing that number as high as possible. 

* You can place your order(s) for either item above, by visiting the UNIFORMS link in the ‘Officials‘ drop-down menu.


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