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Dear OBHF 2023 Officials, 

We are now closing our Board approved, Off-Season clinics, and turning our attention to Regular Season clinics. 

The Google Form has been updated, and our Regular Season Registration is now open.

For returning officials, you will see some exciting and new information near the bottom of the page.

For new officials, or for those of you who have been away for a few years, the certification process has taken on a new look. We have moved our exam portion of the certification online. Clinic materials: slide shows and important links will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment. It is a ‘Learn at your own rate’ concept, where you can review the materials at your leisure, focus where you feel you need to focus, and repeat the exam as many times as needed to meet a minimum 80%.

Once successfully completing the exam, you will attend an in-person session located throughout Ontario from Ottawa, to Sudbury, to Windsor, where an instructor will review the foundational essentials to prepare you for your first season of refereeing. Those dates, times and locations are all located on page 5 of the registration form that is linked at the bottom of this page. These meetings will run approximately 1 hour for Adult clinics, and approximately 2 hours for Minor clinics. 

If you were not made aware, there were some important changes that were proposed and approved at the 2022 AGM. They are as follows:

Clinic Fee Reductions – The new Adult fee is now $50, and the new Minor fee is $25

Family/Household Discount – Officials who are immediate family members, will be responsible for submitting one fee. If both officials are Minor referees, they will pay $25 collectively. If one official is seeking Adult certification, the Adult fee of $50 will be applied.

Finder’s Fee – Any official who recruits a new/formerly certified official, will receive a $25 discount on their fee whether it be an Adult or Minor registration. (Formerly Certified is defined as an official who was not certified during the 2022 season)

And finally, Official Start-Up Package – We are still working with select suppliers to offer our officials, new and returning, a discounted price on an ACME Thunderer whistle and sublimated referee jersey at the OBHF’s cost. If you are in need of a new jersey, or wish to have an extra whistle on hand, the package is available to you. Both items will be included in the package, no exceptions can be made to the package.

*Please note:

1. There are a few clinics we are finalizing a date and time as we work the respective league’s operator.

2. In order to get these dates up and registration open, we have not been able to finalize the facility in which each clinic will be provided. We will update that information via web post, and directly to officials prior to hosting the in-person session. 

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