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Dear OBHF 2021 Officials, 

As the province begins to move through the “Roadmap to Reopen”, some member leagues are in the early stages of offering programming to get players back on the floor. This will be based on direction from Public Health and working with city officials obtaining permits and meeting Covid-19 protocols.

In past years, the Certification Clinics were run in large groups in centralized areas. This year, the clinics will be run on a Center by Center basis as their respective area gets approval to play.

In working with your league operator and your Referee-in-Chief (RIC), we will organize the Online Exam and provide you with the necessary materials in order to be successful, and properly equip you for when play resumes. Once these dates have been confirmed, we will invite you to fill out the registration form and all relevant dates will be posted. 

The Online Clinic will resemble what you may have experienced last year: PowerPoint slides, CBHA Rulebook link, Online Exam link and log-in credentials emailed to you. A deadline date to have met the minimum passing requirements will be determined based on your respective center’s proposed start. Once that has been secured, you will be invited to a small group, in-person meeting, or video call, to consolidate and review the material, and engage in game scenario discussions that will enhance your on-floor experience.

As a result of ceasing the clinics last year, officials were in various stages of certification. The following are the potential scenarios you may fall under.

  • If you completed the Online Exam and video call, and were able to officiate games, you will be asked to pay the insurance fee that was forwarded to the CBHA on your behalf. All other clinic fees will be waived. You will also complete a refresher-style clinic and reduced quiz. 
  • If you completed both the exam and call, but were not able to officiate games, no fees will be asked of you. You will need to complete the refresher materials. No fees will be collected from you unless you did not submit payment last year.
  • If you completed the exam, but did not have the opportunity to complete the video call, the refresher course will be provided to you and a video call will then be required of you. No fees will be collected from you unless you did not submit payment last year.
  • If you did not complete the exam, you will be required to complete the full exam and attend a video call. No fees will be collected from you unless you did not submit payment last year.

We have been diligent at maintaining our records throughout the process. However, if there are any discrepancies, please do not hesitate to email Phil or Lino, and we will work together to resolve the matter.

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