New Rules

The following rule changes have been issued and accepted by the Canadian Ball Hockey Association’s Technical Committee. These new rules, or their respective revisions, will not be implimented until the beginning of the Summer Session.

Playing Rules

Gross Misconducts

Rule 33

Effective: Summer 2022

The OBHF Board of Directors has approved the following amendment to be effective immediately.

  • Gross Misconduct on the basis of discriminatory comments or actions, which include but are not limited to: race, culture, ethnicity, skin colour or language spoken; religion or faith; sexual orientation or gender identity/expression, will receive a 4-game suspension2 games above the current minimum in the CBHA rulebook. 
  • A 2nd incident within 1 calendar year will result in an immediate 1-year suspension and a hearing upon reinstatement. 
    Incidents taking place beyond the calendar year of the latest report, will be subject to review, and MAY include further suspensions. 
  • A 3rd incident, regardless of timeline, will result in indefinite removal from all OBHF play. 
  • Incidents not witnessed by the Officials but are reported to the Referee, shall be reported to each bench and an Incident Report shall be completed by the Referee. 


    Protective Equipment


    Effective: Summer 2020

    The CBHA is recommending the use of ice hockey gloves.

    • Gloves that are deemed “SAFE” by the official, by providing adequate protection for the sport of ball hockey, may be worn
    • If the gloves are in disrepair or a level of doubt arises when inspecting the gloves, the player shall retire from the floor and find proper/suitable gloves before returning to play


      Protective Equipment

      Shin Pads

      Effective: Summer 2020

      The CBHA no longer requires shin pads to be covered.

      • It is at the referee’s discretion to remove shin pads that are deemed dangerous


          The Rink

          Goal Crease

          Rule 66 b

          Effective: Summer 2020

          • Players are not permitted to stand within the goaltender crease

          • Adequate warning should be provided

          • If the player does not heed the warning, play shall be stopped and the ensuing face off shall be taken to the nearest face off dot in the neutral zone and the line NOT be “set” 


              Playing Rules

              High Sticks

              Rule 62 d – 1 & 2

              Effective: Summer 2020

              The CBHA has eliminated the High Sticking the Ball Rule. 

              • In the event of a stick making contact with a ball above the normal shoulder height of the player, a delayed High Sticking call shall be enforced.

              • If the offending team gains possession of the ball, play shall be stopped.

              • The ensuing face off shall take place in the offending team’s defending zone.

              • The offending team is not permitted a line change.   


                Playing Rules


                (Slew Footing)

                 Rule 85 

                Effective: Summer 2020


                The CBHA has adopted Hockey Canada’s recent update to “slew footing” under the Tripping rule.

                • A 4 minute minor penalty or Match penalty, at the discretion of the Referee based upon the degree of violence of impact with the floor, shall be assessed to any player who slew foots an opponent.
                • An automatic Match penalty shall be assessed to any player who injures an opponent with a slew foot.
                • Slew Footing occurs when one players uses a leg or a foot to knock or kick an opposing player’s feet from under him, or pushes another player’s upper body backward with an arm or elbow and at the same time with a forward motion of his leg, knocks or kicks that player’s feet from under him. 




                     Rule 39 a

                    Effective: Summer 2020 

                     In accordance with Hockey Canada, face off locations following the assessment of a penalty, the referee shall take the ensuing face off into the penalized team’s defending zone.  

                    This is subject to the following limited exceptions:  

                    1.  When a penalty is assessed after a goal, the face off will take place at centre ice.
                    2. When a penalty is assessed at the end (or before the start) of a period, the face off will take place at center ice.
                    3. When a gathering is taking place following a stoppage of play leading to a penalty and one (1) or both defencemen, point players or any player coming from the players’ or penalty bench of the attacking team, enter deeply into the attacking zone (the top of the circle being the limit), the ensuing face off will take place in the neutral zone at one of the face off spots outside the offending team’s defending zone.
                    4. When the non-offending team clears the ball and icing is called, the ensuing face off will take place at one of the face off spots outside the zone of the team that iced the ball. 

                    NOTE : When a time differential occurs because of multiple penalties, the ensuing face off will take place in the shorthanded team’s defending zone. In the case of multiple penalties when no time differential occurs, the ensuing face off will take place at the face off spot nearest to where the stoppage of play occurred.


                      Playing Rules


                      Slap Shots


                      Effective: Summer 2018




                      • Slap shots will be permitted in all levels of play beginning of the summer 2018 sessions.


                      • The appropriate penalties shall be assessed should a stick make contact with another player as a result of a slap shot.



                          Protective Equipment

                          Shin Pads

                           Technical Committee 

                          Effective: Summer 2018


                          In following the CBHA’s National Championships format…

                          • All players & all levels of play at OBHF Provincial Championships will be required to wear approved shin pads.




                              4 Minute Penalties

                               Rule 28 f 

                              Effective: Summer 2017 

                              • Must serve all four minutes of the penalty.
                              • Can only score one power play goal.
                              •  If a power play goal is scored the short handed team will now place a substitute player on the surface so they can play at even strength
                              •  The player serving the penalty will remain in the penalty box until the first whistle after his time expires (similar to a misconduct penalty).
                              • 4 Minute Penalties include the following: High Sticking, Slashing, Spearing, Butt-Ending, Cross-Checking, and Intentional Head Contact


                                Playing Rules


                                 Rule 57 a – Clarification 

                                Effective: Summer 2017


                                In order for a face off to properly begin play, the following must take place. 

                                • The ball must hit the floor first
                                • The players must make an attempt using their sticks to move the ball
                                • Players cannot use their feet or hands

                                • Players cannot make any contact with the other center 
                                • In any of these situations, the center committing the foul, is removed from the face off 


                                  Protective Equipment


                                   Technical Committee 

                                  Effective: Summer 2016


                                  All 2016 recertified and new officials are required by the OBHF to wear a black CSA certified helmet while officiating all games.  

                                  • It is advisable that all referees wear a visor for added protection 
                                  • All minor aged officials – under the age of 18, must wear a visor  
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