Appeal Process

Ontario Ball Hockey Federation Appeal Process

The OBHF is the governing body of recreational and competitive men’s, minors and women’s ball hockey in Ontario and aligns with CBHA best practices.


1. An appeal application form must be received by the OBHF Technical Committee either directly or through the OBHF Administrative Office no later than 15 days (including weekends and holidays) from the date the decision being appealed was sent to the person appealing. For tournaments, the appeal application form must be submitted before the team’s next scheduled game.

2. The non-refundable application Fee is $100 for a written / reviewed appeal with no hearing and a decision to be rendered via email. There is a fee of $200 for an in person or teleconference hearing (cash, e-transfer or credit card) and must be received with the Application Form. This fee will cover costs associated with the review panel (administrative fees, compensation for their time, fuel, etc) and will not be refunded, regardless of decision rendered.

3. The one exception is that there will be no appeal fee if it is found that there was a misapplication of the rules in question. The federation will review the incident and apply the correct rule associated with the infraction with cost to the player / team in question.

4. The application will be reviewed by an appointed member of the OBHF Technical Committee to determine if the application will be approved for review. If the appeal is denied for review, the appeal fee will be refunded in full.

5. The appeal committee will be made up of 3 parties, not involved in the incident at hand. This will normally consist of one or more technical committee members, a senior OBHF official, OBHF Board Executive and/or a member league executive that is not aligned with the appeal in question.

6. The decision will be rendered within 48 hours of the review.

7. Applications submitted without payment, completed application form and supporting documentation will NOT be reviewed. Once payment, application form and supporting documentation has been received, a date, time and location will be set.

8. If the appeal needs to be rescheduled, it must be done so, in writing (email) more than 24 hours in advance with a reasonable explanation of why it needs to be rescheduled.

9. If the team / player misses the scheduled review time, without 24 hours written notice, the decision will be rendered final and the appeal fee will not be refunded.

10. All forms can be found, on-line at under the tab, ref zone.

To help you prepare your documentation, below is a list of materials you will need to submit in order to have your appeal be heard.

  • Payment of appropriate fee
  • Appeal Application (link below)
  • Appeal letter and/or statement with your understanding of the events in question.
  • Witness statement and/or Character statement – please limit to 2 where possible.

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