Below is the list of girl’s ball hockey leagues sanctioned under the OBHF. Please be advised that a lot of communities offer youth program which includes girls teams, and also welcome individual girl registrations. So please check the minors section of the OBHF website. 

Napanee Girls Ball Hockey League


Northumberland Minor Girls Ball Hockey League


Sault Ste. Marie Minor Ball Hockey League


Trenton Girls Ball Hockey League


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What is the OBHF Registry?

The OBHF Registry is a registration system to ensure all members are insured.

Who needs to Register?

All players and bench staff shall register to be eligible to participate in OBHF-sanctioned leagues and events. 

What information will be collected?

Full Name, Birth Date, and League

What are the 2023 Registration Fees?

Youth fees are $12 per player. Adult fees are $10 per player/bench staff. This is a one-time fee regardless of how many OBHF-sanctioned leagues and events you participate in.

How long am I covered for?

The OBHF season begins April 1, 2023 and concludes March 31, 2024.

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