Safe Sport

The OBHF is committed to practicing safe sport and ensuring our athletes are provided with a safe and healthy environment to play ball hockey in.  Safe sport practices are the responsibility of all athletes, coaching staff, parents/guardians, referees, league executive, and volunteers.

Canadian Help Line

Victims and witnesses of harassment, abuse and discrimination in sport can get help through this helpline offered by the sport dispute and resolution centre.

The Rule of 2

The “Rule of two” means that a Person in Authority (PIA) is never alone or out of sight with an athlete. Any one-on-one interaction between a PIA and an individual athlete must take place within earshot and view of a second PIA.  If possible one of the PIA’s should be the same gender as the athlete.  If a PIA is not available, another screened volunteer, parent or adult can be recruited.  An exception is made for medical emergencies.


Respect In Sport

Respect in Sport is an online resource that focuses on the prevention of bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD). The program’s mission is to empower participants to recognize signs of BAHD and eliminate them from sport, through respect. 


  •    69% of girls quit sports by the age of 13 because they stop having fun
  •    The most common reason kids quit sport is Parental behaviour
  •    For every adolescent boy who leaves sport, 2 girls leave sport
  •    In 2016 Canada sent 316 athletes to compete in the summer Olympics.  Of the 316 athletes 87% were male, while only 59% were female.

Girls in Sport

Keeping girls in sport was created to help everyone who coaches girls, even parents, understand how girls develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. When we understand how and why girls play we can help every young athlete stay in sports, reach their potential, and remain active long after the competitions end. Finally becoming the next generation of inspiring female coaches and role models.

If you are looking to better understand why we are not attracting more women and girls into our sport and keeping them involved then take a look at this video 50 Ways To Fight Bias that has been developed by Lean In about unconscious bias which we all have- this is a great video for everyone to watch and think about what we could all do better to make ball hockey and the world a better and more accepting space for women and men.

ACTIVELY ENGAGED: A POLICY ON SPORT FOR WOMEN & GIRLS gives insight that women and girls should have meaningful opportunities to become involved in and develop in sport according to their interests, abilities, talents and choices, throughout a lifetime’s involvement.



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