Huge welcome and congrats to our new VP of Men’s- Richard Rocha

I am really excited about the opportunity to work as a member of the Ontario Ball Hockey Federation (OBHF) Board of Directors.

I first fell in love with the sport on the street like many of us but when I found a more organized way to play in recreation centres I was hooked.  I started playing at J.J.P Community Centre in Toronto and we had our fierce rivalries against Wallace Emerson. I began a love for the game that has never left.  

I enjoyed playing in Tony Miniaci’s famous Outdoor League for many years and learned to play the game the “right way”.  I eventually moved on to become a referee and I developed a different appreciation for the sport and the players.  

I was a referee locally as well as in many Provincial Championships but my opportunity to operate a league arrived in 2013 when I began the Burlington District Minor Ball Hockey League as a member of the Ontario Ball Hockey Federation (OBHF). The league grew to 250+ members in the first two years.  

I realized that I had a passion for growing the game at the grassroots level. In the next few years, I launched the Hamilton Minor Ball Hockey League and Caledon Minor Ball Hockey League, bringing more opportunities for our youth to enjoy the great sport of ball hockey with membership numbers continuing to increase year over year. 

Although my impact on this wonderful sport was at the grass roots level, I was able to take some of the approach and Ideas and began to build the Hamilton Ball Hockey League for Adults. In 2022, the Hamilton adult league member teams participated in the 2022 Ontario Ball Hockey Federation (OBHF) Provincial Championships and the Hamilton teams were victorious winning the Gold Medal in all three categories: Men’s C, Men’s D and Men’s E.

The goal has always been to continue to grow the game and have it played in a safe environment where people can play competitively and have fun. I hope to bring a great attitude with my vision for growth and putting the players first to the Ontario Ball Hockey Federation (OBHF) as Men’s Vice-President.  

I have learned that the most important aspect is always Sport over Self.

I thank you for this opportunity to represent the OBHF as a Board of Director.