OBHF Referee Clinic Update from OBHF VP Technical Director Phil Willard


February 23, 2021, Dear Officials and League Operators,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and that you and your families are doing well during these challenging times. Typically, this time of year we are registering for Referee Certification clinics and getting ready for our Summer Sessions. Unfortunately, we are currently not in that position.

Clinic dates were being reorganized to coincide with your respective league’s start date. The intent was to avoid the weekends before and after March Break and to avoid Easter weekend. This was also designed for you to have the content fresh in your mind and ready for your first assignment(s). With the Ontario Government’s and the Public Health Units’ current Covid 19 response framework, we will not be holding any clinics at this time. As specific regions move into zones that allow us to operate leagues, I will facilitate those clinics as needed. As leagues work quickly to re-open, that window will allow me to do the same for our officials and their respective clinics.

The Certification Clinic will be in the same format as last year. Once a region has been approved to begin play, those local officials will be notified and required to register through the OBHF link. Clinic material and exam log-in credentials will be provided for the online portion. An “in-person” consolidation meeting will follow via Zoom, physically on-site, or a combination of both, whichever is most efficient. Fees from the 2020 Certification Clinics will be carried over for the officials who did not referee in the previous calendar year. Those officials who were fortunate enough to referee games last year will be contacted separately. In the event your local league chooses not to reopen, the Board of Directors will collectively decide a fair and just approach with regards to fees and Certification. Should you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: phil@ontarioballhockeyfederation.caI wish you a sound body and mind until we meet again.

Phil Willard OBHF Technical Director