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Incident reports must be submitted to the OBHF by the Referee, NOT just the member league, for anything involving a Game Misconduct and above.   The referee can submit the report to the OBHF and the League, but must directly submit it to the OBHF.  It is NOT the responsibility of the member league to get the reports to the OBHF.   
When filling out these reports, please give us as much information as possible such as the score of the game, events leading up to the incident, player’s behaviour after the incident, etc.   It is important that we maintain a strong record of suspensions so that we can keep our game clean, safe and fun for everyone involved.   If you plan on filling out the report from home, it is easy to take a picture of the parts of the game sheet with your phone to ensure you are accurate in your reporting.


  1. Major Penalty, Match Penalty, Gross Misconduct and/or Game Misconduct Penalty is assessed during the game.  
  2. A written report must be emailed by the referee (not the league) to: before noon the following day by the referee making the call.  This due to the fact that the player may be registered with multiple teams in multiple leagues and could have a game the following evening.   We need the time to communicate with the necessary parties. 
  3. The updated suspension details will be added to the suspension list (located on the OBHF website under Suspensions) and an email will also be circulated to all member leagues.
  4. The OBHF will apply the recommended suspension guideline to that player unless a reason to do otherwise exists and assume that the team he is suspended with plays 1 game per week.   That will mean if the player gets a 4 game suspension, he is suspended from all OBHF activity and events for 4 weeks.  
  5. All parties involved with be supplied with the number of games + date of eligible return to eliminate any confusion.  
  6. If, the suspended player’s team plays more than 1 game per week with the team in which they received the suspension, it will be on the onus of the player and home league operator to produce evidence of that and then the “date of eligible return” will be modified accordingly.
  7. Any player that makes an attempt to circumvent an OBHF suspension will have their suspension automatically doubled and their status within the OBHF will be reviewed. 

Injury Report

Where a referee, player or team official is injured during a game the referee from the game will fill out an injury report form and submit it without delay to the OBHF Office.
OBHF Injury Report Form

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