playing rules – falling on the ball

Rule 58. Falling on the Ball

(a) A Minor penalty shall be assessed any player except a goaltender, who deliberately falls on or gathers the ball into his body by any means, while standing or lying on the floor.

(b) A Minor penalty shall be assessed any goaltender who, while outside his crease, deliberately falls on or gathers the ball into his body, or holds or places the ball against any part of the goal, thus delaying the game unnecessarily.

(c) A Penalty Shot shall be awarded against the offending team when a defending player (except the goaltender) deliberately falls on the ball, holds or gathers the ball into his body in any manner, or picks up the ball with his hand, while the ball is within his goal crease. No other penalty shall be assessed.

Note 1: If the goaltender has been removed from the floor, then a goal is awarded. See Rule 36 (b) Awarded Goals.
Note 2: This rule shall be interpreted so that a Penalty Shot will be awarded only when the ball is in the crease at the instant the offense occurs. However, in cases where the ball is outside the crease, Rule 58 (a) may still apply and a Minor penalty may be imposed, even though no Penalty Shot is awarded.

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