playing rules – broken sticks

Rule 51. Broken Sticks

(a) A player or goaltender without a stick may participate in the game. A player or goaltender whose stick has been broken must drop the broken portions to the floor immediately. A Minor penalty shall be assessed for an infraction of this rule.

Note: When a player discards the broken portions of a stick by tossing them to the side of the rink (not over the boards) in such a way that they do not interfere with play or opposing players, no penalty shall be assessed.

(b) A player who has lost or broken her stick may only receive another stick at her own players’ bench or be handed one from a teammate on the floor, and may not receive a stick thrown on the floor from any part of the rink. A Minor penalty shall be assessed for an infraction of this rule.

Note: A player tendered a stick from the bench (players’ or penalty) thrown on the floor, who does not pick up the stick, will not receive a penalty. The person responsible for throwing the stick will receive a penalty, as covered in Rule 66 (d) – Interference.

(c) A goaltender who breaks or loses her stick may use a stick of a player handed to her by a player until the next stoppage of play. In this case the players’ stick will not be considered an illegal stick. A goaltender may not continue to play with a broken stick of any kind.

(d) A goaltender may receive a stick from a teammate without proceeding to her player’s bench providing the stick is handed to her. A goaltender receiving a stick illegally shall be assessed a Minor penalty.

(e) A goaltender may not go to the players’ bench during a stoppage of play for a replacement of her stick, but must receive her stick from a teammate. For a violation of this section, a Minor penalty for Delay of Game shall be assessed the goaltender.

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