playing rules – ball out of bounds or unplayable

Rule 75. Ball Out of Bounds or Unplayable

(a) When the ball goes outside the playing area or strikes obstacles above the playing surface, play shall be stopped. The resulting face-off shall be where the ball last touched a player, her feet or stick, or an official, except when otherwise stated in the rules.

(b) A Minor penalty shall be assessed any player who delays the game by deliberately shooting, batting or throwing the ball outside the playing surface of the rink. The resulting face-off shall be at the spot where the offense occurred, unless otherwise stated in the rules.

(c) If the ball is shot on the back of the net and comes off without any delay or, if a player or goaltender knocks the ball off the back of the goal netting without unnecessary delay, play shall continue. If the ball is frozen between opposing players or cannot be removed from the back of the net, the Referee shall stop play and the face-off shall take place at a location covered by the rules.

Note: Existing rules are adequate to deal with the situation regarding play in the attacking zone, but officials should be alerted to move the face-off into the neutral zone in every case where it is the action of the attacking players which has caused the stoppage, even though they may not be actually freezing the ball themselves.

(d) A Minor penalty shall be assessed a goaltender who deliberately drops or throws the ball on the goal netting to cause a
stoppage of play.

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