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Rule 35. Penalty Shot

(a) Any infraction of the rules which calls for a Penalty Shot shall result in the following:
The Referee shall cause to be announced over the public address system the name of the player designated by her or selected by the team entitled to take the shot (as appropriate), and shall then place the ball on the centre face-off spot and the player taking the shot will, on instruction of the Referee, play the ball from there and shall attempt to score on the goaltender. The ball must be kept in motion towards the opponents’ goal line and once it is shot the play is to be considered complete. No goal can be scored on a rebound of any kind and any time the ball crosses the goal line, the shot shall be considered complete.

The “Spinerama” move is acceptable on a Penalty Shot as long as the ball is kept in continuous motion. 


(b) The goaltender must remain in her goal crease until the designated player touches the ball at centre floor, and in the event of a violation of this rule, the player designated or selected to take the shot shall be entitled to take the shot over again. The goaltender may attempt to stop the shot in any manner except by throwing her stick or any other object, or deliberately dislodging the goal, in which case a Goal shall be awarded.

Note 1: No player other than the goaltender is permitted to tend goal during a Penalty Shot. 


(c) In cases where a Penalty Shot has been awarded under Rule 24 (c) – Protective Equipment (deliberate removal of helmet or facial protector during a breakaway), Rule 55 (d) – for Delay of Game (Goaltender deliberately dislodging the goal during a breakaway), Rule 82 (a) – Throwing Stick (at ball or ball carrier), Rule 85 (d) – Tripping (fouling from behind), and Rule 70 (e) – Leaving the Players or Penalty Bench (ineligible player), the Referee shall designate the player who has been fouled as the player who shall take the Penalty Shot. If by reason of injury, the player designated by the Referee to take the Penalty Shot is unable to do so or again if the player fouled is not identifiable, the Penalty Shot shall then be taken by a player who was on the floor at the time of the infraction, and is selected by the Captain of the non-offending team and her selection reported to the Referee. In cases where a Penalty Shot has been awarded under Rule 55 (e) – Delay of Game, Rule 58 (c) – Falling on the Ball (in the goal crease) and Rule 61 (c) – Handling he Ball (in the goal crease), the Penalty Shot may be taken by a player selected by the Captain of the non-offending team and her selection reported to the Referee. This player must be on the floor at the time of the infraction.


(d) Should the player in respect to whom a Penalty Shot has been awarded, herself commit a foul in connection with the same play or circumstances after the Penalty Shot has been awarded, she shall first be permitted to take the Shot before being sent to the penalty bench to serve the penalty, provided the penalty assessed was not a Game Ejection, Game Misconduct, Gross Misconduct or Match penalty. If at the time a Penalty Shot is awarded, the goaltender of the penalized team has been removed from the floor to substitute another player, the goaltender shall be allowed to return to the floor before the Penalty Shot is taken.


(e) While the Penalty Shot is being taken, players of both sides shall withdraw to the sides of the floor and beyond the centre red line.


(f) If, while the Penalty Shot is being taken, any player of the opposing team shall have by some action interfered with or distracted the player taking the Penalty Shot, and because of such action the shot should have failed, a second attempt shall be permitted and the Referee shall assess a Misconduct penalty to the player. If the interference is from a team official, a Game Misconduct penalty shall be assessed.


(g) If a goal is scored from the Penalty Shot, the ball shall be faced-off at centre face-off spot in the usual way. If the goal is not scored, the ball shall be faced-off at either end zone face-off spot in which the Penalty Shot was attempted.


(h) Should a goal be scored from a Penalty Shot, a further penalty to the offending player shall not be applied unless the offense for which the Penalty Shot was awarded was such as to incur a Major or Match penalty, in which case the penalty prescribed for the particular offense shall be assessed. If the offense for which the Penalty Shot was awarded was such as would normally incur a Minor penalty, then regardless of whether the Penalty Shot results in a goal or not, no further Minor penalty shall be served.


(i) A measurement of the stick of the player designated to take the Penalty Shot may be requested before the shot is taken, as if it were a normal play. Should the stick prove illegal, the offending team shall be denied the Penalty Shot and no further penalty shall be imposed. Should the measurement prove the stick to be legal, the Penalty Shot shall be taken in the normal manner and the penalty for an “unsustained request for a measurement” shall be assessed whether the Penalty Shot is successful or not.


(j) If the foul upon which the Penalty Shot is based occurs during actual playing time, the Penalty Shot shall be awarded and taken immediately in the usual manner notwithstanding any delay occasioned by a delayed whistle by the Referee to permit the play to be completed, which delay results in the expiry of the regular playing time in any period.The time required for the taking of a Penalty Shot shall not be included in the regular playing time or any overtime.


(k) In all instances where a penalty shot has been awarded it must be recorded on the gamesheet. The player’s number comitting the foul will be recorded under the penalty section of the offending team. Penalty shot fouls will count towards the 3 penalty game ejection rule.

(l) Note: Also refer to:
Rule 24 (c) Rule 58 (c) Rule 82 (a)
Rule 55 (d) Rule 61 (c) Rule 85 (d)
Rule 55 (e) Rule 70 (e)


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