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Please note that all items of a disciplinary or security nature shall be fully reported to the Ontario Ball Hockey Federation for possible supplementary discipline. Items to be reported include:

All Match penalties
• All Gross Misconduct penalties
• All Game Misconducts
• Any other incident or misconduct that may involve disciplinary action – including Rule 47
• Any incident or problem that may affect the proper playing of the game (e.g. crowd control)

The procedure to be followed by the Referee involves both a verbal and a written report. The reason why a verbal report is necessary is because a decision may sometimes have to be made in a short period of time and the written report might not have reached us by then.


For all verbal reports, the Referee is required to get in touch with the last Referee-in-Chief, arena captain or league convener by the following day.

Following the verbal report, the Referee shall also complete and submit the form below. By clicking Submit, the form will be sent directly to the OBHF’s Head of Discipline at 

If you have never completed an Incident Report, or require additional assistance, please contact the Head of Discipline or the OBHF Technical Director at 

Please note, these reports need to be accurate and contain all the necessary information in order to apply the appropriate supplementary discipline. Suggestions and items to consider, include:

  • nature of the game (atmosphere, score, season)
  • any preluding situations that culminated in the incident
  • how the player(s) began the situation
  • words that were exchanged
  • directions players went
  • actions that you took.

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